3 steps to a successful lash business

February 4, 2020

You’re considering, or already have started, launching your own lash business and that’s why I’ve outlined the following steps to a successful lash business! Lash babes, these are all the things I wish someone had shared with me when I was in your shoes struggling to figure it out on my own. I’m determined to not let you experience the same things I did! Here are my 3 steps to a successful lash business!

Take a quality lash course

The first thing you want to make sure you do is invest in the right lash course. This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive but typically a quality course is going to require a little saving. I talked about this a little bit in my post outlining the 5 ways to save money in your lash biz. It’s so important to invest in the right course from the beginning so that you’re not paying for, and attending, a second or third course later on.

Practice practice practice!

Now that you’ve taken a course, you’ve got to practice your buns off and get your name out there!

Once you’ve finished this course, practice on all of your friends and family! Practice on your neighbors, on Sally down the street, practice on your co-workers, practice on your boyfriend/husband. WHOEVER!

Practice practice practice and then take pics like nobody’s business, so you can post post post on Instagram and start building your portfolio and credibility. Also, ask the people you practice on to post your amazing work on their social media and tag you. Give incentives and special offers to your clients to help get your name out there!

Don’t worry if you’re not a photographer or you don’t have the latest camera; just use your dang smartphone! That’s the beauty of this day in age, is that smartphones can take BOMB pics and there are so many amazing apps that can make your pics go from “eh” to “WOW”.

In the beginning, I used to practice on everyone who would let me, in exchange for a promotion. Guess what?? It worked! I talk more about how I used Instagram as the only way to promote and build my biz and give you my exact formula, over in my InstaGLAM course. Check it out!

I even used to walk into salons and ask the hairdressers if I could do their lashes for free in exchange for them promoting my business. They eventually ended up becoming a walking advertisement for me! They love my lashes and their clients couldn’t stop asking about me.

Step out of your comfort zone and expect to hustle for a hot minute. In my lash training I provide all of my students with referral and punch cards – use them! Just get out there! Your name will start spreading like wildfire, and in no time, you’ll have a full clientele. It just takes a little hustle in the beginning!

Don’t cut corners: Good quality always wins

When you’re just starting your lash biz, it’s good to get out there and get as much practice as you can, but make sure that you are providing good quality work on every client and giving them a great experience. You want to grow a loyal clientele and have them keep coming back to you. After all, that’s what having a successful lash business is all about!

If you can offer them a great experience, their lashes don’t hurt, you don’t damage their natural lashes, and they end up with pretty lashes that look amazing; they will trust you and keep coming back!

I cannot stress the importance of good quality work! It’s putting all the steps into practice that you learned in this training. Lashes that look great, but also that don’t damage the natural lashes is what is most important. I’ve even had to do lash rehabs on some clients as their previous lash artist had completely ruined their natural lashes. Guess what? They have become some of my most loyal clients. And this can happen to you too!! If you don’t provide good quality work, your clients will move on to someone else.

The secret to growing a loyal clientele is by actually doing good quality work!

So, these three steps to a successful lash business don’t seem too intimidating, am I right? I will not lie to you – starting, and maintaining, your own business requires hard work and dedication. If you’re not afraid to get out there and put these principals into practice, you’ll do great!

About Dylan

Dylan, from Whiplash Queen, is a certified lash artist in the state of Arizona who educates aspiring lash artists to start their own business and master the art of the classic and volume lash techniques. To book a course or ask some questions, contact Dylan.


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