How to get faster at lash extensions

February 18, 2020

When first starting out as a lash artist, it can feel as though you’re spending a lot of time on a single client, which is exactly why I’ve outlined my tips on how to get faster at lash extensions!

Less talking, more lashing

Try not to talk a lot. Talking makes you multitask, therefore slowing you down. I know this one seems like it might be difficult. After all, we love getting to connect with our clients and they love the sounding board they get when being with us. But when possible, let your client do all the talking (or resting) while you focus on lashing!

Excessive sifting

Don’t do excessive sifting through the lashes. Sifting through means you’re just going through the lashes after you placed one. Save the sifting through for the end. If you’re bouncing eyes and holding the lash in place for the correct time for the glue to dry, you shouldn’t have a big problem with this.

Minimize brushing

Don’t brush a lot. There is no need to brush after you place every five lashes. I brush the lashes every time I pour a new glue dot. This saves more time than you think!

Lash map!

Lash map! This way there is no guesswork or thinking about what size, curl, or length goes where. It takes the thinking out of it! Planning always makes your process, no matter what it is, faster!

Prepare ahead of time

Prepare and set up before your client comes! Just like I mentioned above, planning ANYTHING is going to make the process that much faster! Anything you can do to prep, or batch your tasks, the better!

Practice isolation

Practice your isolation skills! Once you master that, isolating an eyelash becomes a lot quicker. Practice on your lash maps, practice with friends and family – any chance you get!

Perfect speed

Use perfect speed by Lashes by Tini. It helps speed up your lashing times when you’re volume lashing. I also use tape to move the eyelid and lashes as needed!

Lash babe, I promise that doing these small things is how to get faster at lash extensions! It’s a win for you and a win for your clients!

Dylan, from Whiplash Queen, is a certified lash artist in the state of Arizona who educates aspiring lash artists to start their own business and master the art of the classic and volume lash techniques. To book a course or ask some questions, contact Dylan.



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