Top 5 ways to save money becoming a lash artist

January 19, 2020

Becoming a lash artist is a lot to think about and that’s why today I’m sharing my top 5 ways to save money becoming a lash artist! Of course, there are so many ins and outs, which I’ll be sharing in future posts, but for today I think these are essential when you’re considering the lash industry.


01. Choose the most inexpensive beauty school that you can

Select the most inexpensive school to get your cosmetology or esthetic license. My own personal opinion is… just get the dang license. The good education comes after school when you take continuing education courses and a Whiplash Queen combo course!

02. Don’t file your LLC and business docs online

I know, this goes against our generation of technology, am I right? File your LLC and trademark name on your own vs. online! It’s sooo much cheaper this way vs. doing it online! I go over this in-depth in my lash training using my Biz & Marketing guide.

03. Start small

Don’t go overboard with start-up equipment. Amazon is just fine! There is no need to purchase expensive recliners, glamcor lights, decor, etc. A massage table and ring light off amazon are just fine and don’t affect the quality of your lash work one bit. In fact, that’s what I still use today. Make back your investment from a lash course first, and then you can start upgrading to the expensive equipment. Some of my tried and true Amazon finds can be viewed here.

04. Invest in a quality lash course upfront

Investing in a good, quality lash course upfront should actually be number one on this list. I’m speaking from experience on this one! I wasted $2,000 in awful lash courses at the beginning of my lash career, before I finally found a good one.  Not to mention all the time I wasted. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Any money that you’re going to put into your business, make sure it’s money well spent or you’ll find yourself having to budget for it again later.

05. Use free marketing – like Instagram!

Use Instagram for marketing to gain a clientele! It’s FREE! And it’s one of the top used platforms right now. That is where clients are going to find their lash artist. USE IT! I have an entire course on how I launched a sustainable lash business using only one marketing technique: Instagram. Learn how not to spend ANY money marketing your business and how I filled my books completely; I soon had to turn clients away and no longer accept new clients. Sign up for my exclusive InstaGLAM course so you can do the same!

Babe, I’m so excited that you’re starting your lash journey! Can you make me a promise? If you have any questions along the way, or have any feedback on these top 5 ways to save money becoming a lash artist, please reach out! I love helping aspiring lash artists and only want to see you succeed! Be sure you connect with me on Instagram where I share so many tips, tricks, announcements and behind the scenes!

Dylan, from Whiplash Queen, is a certified lash artist in the state of Arizona who educates aspiring lash artists to start their own business and master the art of the classic and volume lash techniques. To book a course or ask some questions, contact Dylan.


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