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If there was an all-inclusive training program to guide you through everything you need to know about lashing so you can finally quit your passionless 9-5 job that’s got you barely making ends meet … would you feel confident enough to start your own lash business?

I teach ALL the trendiest lash techniques AND how to start a profitable lash biz from scratch in ONE single course.

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Hi! I'm Dylan! <3

Here’s why ignoring your potential in the beauty industry is costing you

big time

Because for every day you ignore your potential, you’re stuck working long, hard hours at a job you can’t stand. You’re scraping by. You’re tearing your hair out, crying your eyes out, praying someday this will get better. 

Question is: how long can you go on like this?

Something’s gotta give because your life and your happiness deserve so much more than what you’re dealing with right now. 

so if you're still working a passionless 9-5 job that leaves you crying in your car on the way home each night...

You know exactly what you want but you’re not sure the right steps to take to get there, so you’ll have another glass of wine and hope it comes to you...

Then keep on reading, babe... 

Because what’s next can EASILY be the most pivotal moment in your beauty industry career when you look back in a few weeks and realize “wow, I really did take the first steps in starting my lashing empire.” 

And even more than that, within a few short months of putting in the work, you can look back and see how dramatically your life has changed. For the better. 

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Let me know if any of this sounds familiar to you:

You didn’t have the time to sit down and think about what you wanted your life to look like. What you wanted your life to be. 

You knew that you just needed to get started doing something and hoped your purpose in life would eventually find you. 

You’ve always thought a career in the beauty industry sounded exciting and fun for you. Whether it was doing hair, makeup, or brows, it didn’t matter. 

But you didn’t necessarily know what it was you wanted. And you didn’t know the right steps to take. 

So, to pay the bills, you took up a pointless job that you have no passion for. And you’ve been working that job for months now. 

Fast forward to today. You get into your car after another long day at your serving job that you promised yourself you’d take on only while you worked to find what you’re passionate about in life. 

You're exhausted. Your feet are throbbing from standing all day long. You’ve got food stains on your shirt, and your hair still smells of grease. 

You’ve worked five days in a row, and your boss told you on the way out the door that he’ll need you to come in tomorrow, too. Even though it’s supposed to be your day off. 

And you know you can’t refuse because you need the money to pay the bills. 

You reach into your purse and pull out your phone to call your best friend. While the phone is ringing, tears spill down your face, smearing your mascara on your cheeks.  

You tell yourself, “This was supposed to be temporary!”

You know you can’t do this anymore. You can’t keep living this life of feeling like there’s something else out there for you, but you don’t know what your next step is to get there. 

Yes, I want out!

Aren’t you ready to find the one thing you’re passionate about so you can leave that old life behind? 

Let’s get real here, babe. 

You're not asking for a four hour work week (although, wouldn’t that be nice). 

You want to be able to have a career doing something you’re passionate about, with the flexibility to create your own schedule so you can have more time for you and your family. All without having to sacrifice yourself to grueling hours just to make ends meet.

And after so long of doing exactly that, you’ve earned the right to sit down in a hot bath with a glass of wine and enjoy a moment to yourself. Or take a day to live in the company of your family. Instead of stressing over where your next rent check is coming from or packing your schedule so full of work hours you can’t even afford to spend time with your loved ones. 

A life full of passion and creativity for the things you genuinely love shouldn’t be a life only lived in your dreams. 

“I have no time” shouldn’t be the most-used phrase passed from your perfectly lined lips. 

And late night phone calls to your best friend crying mascara-stained tears while talking about whether or not you’ll find what you’re looking for when it comes to your career should absolutely be replaced by celebratory drinks after a shorter work day and more money made. 

Full of self-doubt. That fear of missing out on my passion and my dreams. Afraid I’m going to fall behind on my rent check or car payment. 

And the countless other doubts and big lies out there. 

The ones like … 

“It’ll take too long to figure out what it is I want to do in the beauty industry, and I don’t have the time to decide.” 

“Even if I learn lashing, I still have to go through the pain of growing a business, and I don’t know how to do that on my own.” 

“It’s going to be difficult to get the hang of it, so why should I even take that leap of faith.”

“It’s too risky, and I’m not going to make nearly enough money from it.” 

Before becoming a lash artist, I was exactly where you are now… 

Here's what you do


After everything you’ve been through, you deserve this. 

You deserve the ability to learn everything about lashing quickly and effectively so you can get started building your empire right away. Instead of having to spread your lashing education out over months. 

You deserve to invest in an all-inclusive program that will give you everything you need to start your lashing empire. From the actual know-how of doing lashes, to the knowledge on how to start and build a successful lash biz from scratch.

And you deserve a lifelong mentor to guide you through your entire lashing journey, whether you’re currently enrolled in a course, or you’re five years into your business. 

I deserved it when I first started out. So, I know you deserve it, too. 

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Which is why I created an all-inclusive, combo hybrid online lashing program.

To take you from not knowing what your next steps are. To knowing exactly what your next step is. When it comes to how to lash. When it comes to building your lash business. And when it comes to marketing it, too. 

I’ve got great news for ya, babe… 
Becoming a lash artist and building a full lash business has never been easier!

If you’re down here, you already know becoming a lash artist is a perfect way to leave that old life behind and find something you’re passionate about in the beauty industry. 

But maybe you didn’t know by using the combo hybrid online lash course I’m about to share with you, you’ll also be able to: 

• Save time and money with a one-of-a-kind combo hybrid training program 
• Fast track your lash business and get your return on investment quicker
• Build clientele quicker and meet clientele expectations earlier on in your lashing career
• Serve your clients with confidence from the beginning

YES, girl! All of that (and then some) is totally within reach for you and your beauty industry career. No previous lashing experience required. 

… but, it does depend on taking a specific, efficient approach to lashing. 

One that includes the most popular lashing techniques within one course, and all of the resources and tools you’ll need to actually start your lashing biz. From marketing techniques to actually booking clients. 

One that’s been the secret weapon for over 200 students of mine who took the leap of faith and decided their old life could shove it. 

and even better...

One that you’ll look back on in a few weeks and realize, “yes! That was the breakthrough I was looking for!” 
So, if you’re still with me, I’m so excited to show you my combo hybrid online lash course! 

Meet the Whiplash Queen | Lash Artist and Lash Course Educator

Hi!!! I’m Dylan, the founder and creator of Whiplash Queen. If that picture I painted for you earlier sounds familiar to you, just know that it was my true story (so, no, you’re totally not alone). 

Yep, that was me back in 2014. I was flipping burgers with grease stains on my shirt and my hair still smelling like the deep fryer. 

And I remember sitting in my car, crying my eyes out to my mom, wondering if I was ever going to find what I was passionate about. That was the day I had my breakthrough. I heard about lashing through school, and I chose that moment to launch into my lashing journey. 

Four years into building my own biz, I started teaching babes the art of lashing. From my own experience, I realized so many lashing courses out there were missing key pieces in their trainings. And that’s exactly why I created a course that teaches the art of lashing AND the biz and marketing side of building your lash empire. 

Introducing Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course

The ONLY high-quality lash training that includes classic, hybrid, and volume techniques, plus biz + marketing training in ONE course so you can start a lash business from scratch. 

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Here's what's included in the online lash course

The total lash course breakdown

All-in-One Lash Technique Method

Learn the most popular and sought after lash extension techniques upfront - the classic, the hybrid, and the volume techniques. 

These techniques are, without a doubt, the most popular lash techniques your clients are guaranteed to ask for. 

Instead of spending months in between learning each method and spending double the amount for two separate courses, you will learn all of them upfront in one single course so you can save time and money AND build your clientele quicker.

You’ll start the course with learning the theory behind lashing. The theory portion is VERY in-depth and is broken down into super simple and easy to understand steps. 

After you complete the theory portion of the course, you’ll start on the hands-on section. The hands on section is broken down into up-close video tutorials, photos, and step-by-step written instructions. Each hands-on chapter will have a practice assignment that you’ll complete on a mannequin or on a practice sheet. You’ll submit specific videos and photos to me as a part of your training process. 

The online technique trainings are the exact same ones I teach in my in-person classes. I will still be holding your hand every step of the way! We will be in direct contact the entire time. Once you finish the hands-on portion of the course, I walk you through your model full sets. You’ll submit more photos and videos to me so I can pass those off for you to earn your certification in lashing! 

The only additional thing you’ll need to purchase to get started is your lashing kit which comes with all of the tools you’ll need to start lashing! 

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There’s so much more to starting your biz other than just learning how to lash. I cover everything you need to know about starting your successful lash biz up properly so you can get started on the right foot and create profit quickly. This is your roadmap so you know exactly what to do after your lash course is over. No feeling lost required as you start your lash business!

Access to the Lash Biz Accelerator Course

I teach you how to market your lash biz to build a clientele, how to properly brand your lash biz and how to use social media to help you build a successful and profitable lash biz in this 43-lesson course. 

Instead of floundering in your lash biz and not knowing where to turn after your lash course, I am giving you ALL of the crucial tools you need to build profitable and successful lash biz in this ONE course. 

access to the digital mba course
(Marketing, Branding and all things social media)

Learn to take and edit lash photos from start-to-finish just by using your smartphone. 

Create high quality, professional content to better market yourself and grow your biz, instead of taking lower quality photos that do your work a disservice. 

Access to the Lash photo editing course


I don’t believe in leaving you high and dry! Come to me for any advice or questions, whether you’re currently enrolled in the course or you took it three years ago. 

Always feel confident in your lashing journey by leaning on me, instead of struggling to make it on your own in a brand new biz. 

Life-long committed mentorship


Get additional support, monthly live Q&A’s, exclusive tips, exclusive discount codes, and fun challenges to keep you motivated and creative. 

Always feel supported in your lashing journey and connect with other lash babes who are as passionate about their careers as you are! 

Access to the Private Whiplash Queen Facebook Group

Enroll in Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course today! 

Get immediate access to the complete combo hybrid online lash course.

A single payment today of 

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 Questions other lash babes asked before saying “yes” to Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course

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I want to do this, but I’m already strapped for cash. Am I actually going to make enough from lashing to make my money back? 

You start charging $150 for a full set and you take on 3 clients at that price. That comes out to $450 total for those 3 client’s full sets. Now, the beauty of lashing is it requires a quick turnaround for your clients and they need to come back in after only 2 weeks for their lash fills.Fast forward 2 weeks and those same 3 clients return for their fills. You charge $70 per fill, which is another $210 for those 3 clients.

 In 2 more weeks, those same clients have to come back in for their fills again, which is another $210.
And when you add all of that up, you’ve made $870 off only 3 clients in just 4 weeks!

That pays for your entire course, which includes the classic technique, the hybrid technique, and the volume technique! Plus everything you need to get going on building your lash empire!! 

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Okay, the course sounds great for learning the techniques. But learning to lash is only part of the process! What about actually starting my entire lash biz? 

You’re absolutely right!! Learning the techniques and theory behind lashing is only part of the process. And building up your lash business is a whole different part of it. 

 When I created this course, I never wanted you to feel like you were left to hang out to dry! Which is why I created a full set of resources to help you start your lash biz from scratch and how to market it effectively so you start bringing in clients quick! 

 The course includes a Lash Biz Accelerator guide, an Instagram Marketing Makeover course, and a Lash Photo Editing course!! No feeling totally lost once you learn the lashing techniques. You’ll know exactly what next step you need to take to get your lash biz off the ground. 

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What about the techniques? So many other companies only offer them separately. Are you sure I can take them all at one time? 

Ab. So. Lute. Ly. 

 I can’t speak for those other companies, but I’m pretty sure they do that to gouge you where it hurts -- in the pockets. 

 These other companies are charging upwards of $800 for ONE technique! Which means when you take classic and then volume several months later, you’re paying $1600 for only those two courses. 

 I hate seeing that because you ABSOLUTELY can learn more than one technique from one course!! Which is exactly why I combined both techniques (plus the hybrid technique!) into one course. No time OR money wasted on learning how to lash!! 

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What about after the course is over? What if I have questions or need advice? 

So many other large companies treat their students like just another number. They get you in, teach you the technique, and then push you out to go it alone. 

 When I set out to create Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course, I vowed to never treat you like that! That’s why, when you take my course, I don’t leave you hanging after it’s over. You still get a lifelong committed mentorship with me. You can ask me any question, ask for any advice, whether it’s about lashing techniques or about your lash biz in general. 

 I pride myself on this and I am very good at always responding to my students within 24 hours.

 Plus! You get exclusive access to my Whiplash Queen’s Student Facebook group where I provide additional support, monthly live Q&A’s, exclusive tips and tricks, and even exclusive discount codes. You’ll get to connect with other lash babes, so you’ll never feel like you’ve been left hanging after the course is over. 

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I’m a complete beginner with lashes. Are you positive I don’t need to have any lash experience? 

Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! 

This course is absolute GOLD for beginners. It’s the lash course I wish I had when I first started lashing! It has all of the trainings you’ll need, the biz and marketing info to build your lash biz from scratch. 

Don’t worry about not having any lash experience. I teach you everything you need to know from the very first step, and I hold your hand every step of the way!!  

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OKay, so how long is everything going to take?

The Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course is designed to be taken at your own pace. You can binge it like a new season of your fave show on Netflix, or you can break it out as you need to. And of course, it’ll all be there for you to go back and re-watch if you ever need or want to! 

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Can you remind me of what I’m getting when I enroll in the online combo hybrid lash course today?

Of course!!!

When you enroll in Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course today, you get forever access to...

01. The All-in-One Lashing Technique Method - learn the theory behind lashing, the classic technique, hybrid technique, and the volume technique all in one course. 

02. The Lash Biz Accelerator Guide - take the right first steps to building your lash biz from scratch. 

03. The InstaGLAM Marketing Makeover - learn how to properly use Instagram as a marketing resource for your lash biz from this 43-lesson guide. 

04. The Lash Photo Editing Course - learn to take and edit high quality, professional lash photos from start to finish just by using your smartphone. 

05. BONUS: Lifelong committed mentorship - come to me for any advice or questions, whether you’re currently enrolled in the course or you took it years ago! 

06. BONUS: Access to the Private Whiplash Queen Facebook Group - connect with other lash babes and get additional support, monthly live Q&A’s, exclusive tips, and even discount codes. 

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Enroll in Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course today! 

The only lash course training that includes the 2 most sought after lashing techniques in one course PLUS a complete guide on starting your lash biz from scratch AND a lifelong committed mentorship from me!!! 

Get immediate access to the complete online combo hybrid lash course!

A single payment today of $750

Join the course now

Still not sure? 

Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course is GOLD for you if....

• You’re in cosmetology or esthetician school OR you’ve already graduated from either of those and you’re looking to take the next steps in your beauty industry career fresh out the gates. 

• You’ve been trying to find your passion in the beauty industry for months (or maybe even years now!) and nothing has stood out to you so far. There’s so much the beauty industry has to offer, and sometimes it takes a minute to find something that calls to you. And in the meantime, you’re working a crummy job you hate while waiting for something, anything!!, to grab your attention. 

• You already took a class on classic technique but now you need volume technique, and you wouldn’t mind a refresher on the classic technique, too, because the course you originally took left you feeling discouraged or like you didn’t learn a single thing. 

• You have no problem investing a few hours each week to learn the two most popular lashing techniques so you can finally get certified in lashing and start bringing in more clients who want what you’re offering. 

• In fact, you’re already investing time and energy trying to learn the lashing techniques from a YouTube video, but it’s not working out. So you need a better way to nail those techniques from someone who knows how to lash, and more importantly, how to teach lashing! 

• You’re a beginner lash babe who doesn’t have any experience, but you know the importance of starting on the right foot. Getting the proper training of the techniques, and better yet, getting both techniques in one course is exactly what you’ve been looking for! 

• You’re ready to finally find your purpose in life, create your own schedule, and be your own boss. That was me and so many of my former students! And you can’t find that in a traditional 9-5 job, but lashing is a way to break the mold and start working for yourself. 

Join the course now

If you were nodding your head to even just three of those seven points, then the online combo hybrid lash course will be perfect for you! And I can’t wait to see you inside!! 

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By now, you know the all-inclusive training program to guide you through everything you need to know about lashing so you can confidently start your own lashing empire…

… is Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course!!

If you’re a cosmetology or esthetician student or graduate looking to make the next move in your beauty industry career and do it correctly or trying to find something to do with your esthetician or cosmetology diploma… you need the online combo hybrid lash course. 

 If you’re a stay-at-home-mom or if you’re working a 9-5 job or a serving job, and you’re looking for a way to find passion and purpose in your life, while letting your creativity loose, creating your own schedule, and being your own boss...you need the online combo hybrid lash course. 

 If you know you want to learn lashing but you need to take extra time and go at your own pace while you continue to juggle your day-to-day life, whether it be with kids or with a full time job ... you need the online combo hybrid lash course. 

 If you’re a lashing artist already and you want to hone your skills with two of the most sought after techniques, but the YouTube videos aren’t cutting it, and you need someone who knows how to teach lashing … you need the online combo hybrid lash course. 

 And if you’re looking for another way to make some extra income or a side hustle to give your pockets a little more oomph, but you want to stay creative and build your own schedule… you need the online combo hybrid lash course. 

So, if you’re still here, let’s wrap up with a lil’ real talk. 

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Enroll in Whiplash Queen’s Combo Hybrid Online Lash Course today! 

The only lash course training that includes the 3 most sought after lashing techniques in one course PLUS a complete guide on starting your lash biz from scratch AND a lifelong committed mentorship from me!!! 

Get immediate access to the complete combo hybrid lash course!

A single payment today of $1500
or 2 payments of $800
gets you everything you need to start your lashing career!

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Financing AND payment plan options now available! Qualify for up to 24 months 0% interest

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